Building capacity for health improvement in Lothian

Courses, workshops and seminars

About our training

  • We run a range of courses, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics 
  • All events are FREE of charge to participants*
  • Our courses, workshops & seminars are open to workers from all sectors, volunteers and community members
  • Training courses and workshops are participative and involve a variety of methods
  • Links with KSF framework for NHS staff are indicated for courses in the health promotion skills and approaches category
  • Places on all our events can be booked here on our online system
  • Our courses focus on health improvement and addressing health inequalities.

Please note:

  • You will be advised on whether you have secured a place on a training course or workshop once the closing date has passed.  Please let us know if you require confirmation sooner.
  • If you are unable to attend once you have booked a place, please be courteous and let us know as soon as possible. This will enable us to allocate the place to someone else.  Thank you. 
*We reserve the right to invoice for an administration fee of £40 to those who book a place on a training course but who do not attend without giving prior notice.  If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent you from attending please let us know as soon as possible so we can take this into consideration.

Information for Managers
We hope that you will support your staff to attend our learning events.  Ways to develop the implementation of  learning into practice include providing opportunities for participants to share the learning with their teams and colleagues, allowing time to practice news skills and techniques, reviewing progress and identifying any barriers to implementation and taking steps to overcome these.
Please also be aware that whilst our training is free to participants, there is a cost implication to the Health Promotion Service.  We would appreciate it if you would let us know if a member of your staff is no longer able to attend or if another member is coming in their place.  Thank you.

For a calendar of events and information about venues and transport please go to 'Further Info'

    Accessable and inclusive

    We make all reasonable attempts to ensure our courses are open and accessible to all.  Please let us know when you register and contact the Service if you have any particular requirements, as some may need a minimum of 4 weeks notice to arrange for courses, seminars and workshops.  Applications are encouraged from individuals and organisations that represent population groups that frequently experience inequalities.   

    Health inequalities seminars

    As well as training, the Health Promotion Service host ‘Health Inequalities seminars’ in Edinburgh on a range of subjects.

    Health Bites, the seminar series in East and Midlothian takes place twice a year. 


    Details of seminars held in Edinburgh, and East and Midlothian can be found on these pages.


    About us

    The NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service leads the implementation of health promotion approaches to address health inequalities and improve health in populations across Lothian.


    The Health Promotion Service’s core functions are:

    • Information & knowledge management
    • Programme & project management
    • Organisational & partnership development
    • Capacity building

    Contact us
    If you would like to know more about our training and events, or about the work of the Service please contact us at:

    Health Promotion Service

    Canaan Park

    Astley Ainslie Hospital

    143 Grange Loan

    Edinburgh EH9 2HL

    T: 0131 537 9399



    Health Promotion Resource Centre

    The Resource Centre is a free information and lending service containing stocks of leaflets, posters, dvds, teaching kits and models, exhibitions and publications.  It is open to all who live, work and study in Lothian.

    Opening hours:
    9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

    You will find us in:

    Blackford Pavilion

    Astley Ainslie Hospital

    133 Grange Loan

    Edinburgh EH9 2HL


    T: 0131 537 9337/8